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Malga Cheeses

We are specialized in cheeses aging, which are unique in taste and properties. Malga’s products it’s the outcome of these causes: High altitude pasture, clear environment and grass full of properties. These factors make milk very nutritious, since it’s worked without pasteurization process. In this way the milk will keep all his properties. The cheeses are different by the aging.

Unique Cheeses

Not only Malga cheeses, we have a lot particular products. Our supplier and friend enjoy give to their cheeses new mountains flavors: Cheese with hay, with elder, with beer, with aromatic grass, with pomace and with mountain flowers.

Cured meats

We are specialized in aging and sell of cured meats from our lands just like smoked ham, speck, smoked bacon, salamis and loins (Sappada’s Senkile).

Our ”flagship” it’s the Traditional Sappada’s Ham, which combine the jam’s sweetness and the aging of the speck. But we have many more products like di IGP Sauris Ham, Grass Lard, Deer Salami, Cooked speck and more products.

Jams, Honeys, Infusions and Herbs

We also have a variety of berries jam, which we suggest you to try the Elder’s one and the Rosehip’s one. In our selections of honeys recommend to try rhododendron’s honey and dandelion’s honey and also some balsamic products like the Mugomiel (Acacia’s honey with mountain pine). We also have fruit or herbs infusion that can be drunk hot or cold.

Mushrooms and Mountain’s Herbs

We are able to offer to our customers a refined selection of natural mountains herbs hand treated like the Mountain Radicchio and Mountain Dandelion, great to be served with cheeses and cold meats.

Also dried Porcini mushrooms and Gialletti mushrooms in oil. In the end a wide range of beans like the famous Lamon’s beans ed the Gialet Bean.

Desserts and Grappas

We have picked for you small spirit producers, like the ”Antica Distilleria dei Capitani” from Arta Terme with his classics: White grapes, Black grapes and Sliworitz.

In our store you can find also a wide range of grappas: gentian, juniper, blueberry, cumin ecc.
We also have some Sappada’s specialities produces by some local farms like the Pèrschtròmm (tarragon), Wormwood and 10 dried herbs which have been selected for our Hay’s Grappa.

For those who loves desserts we have a selection of healthy products: Sartorelli Cookies and Biscuits with Chocolate and Jam.

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